Curiosity! Asking Personal Questions in Bradford Dale.

Her sad comment was “I am too old. I am wrinkled”

Isnt that wicked? A happy attractive smiling woman with twinkling eyes and a clearly loving partner is ashamed of her age? What have we as a society done?

Definitely time to change! #AgeProud is an absolutely necessary campaign.

After that cheekily asked asked everyone on the path how old they were!

All but one of the 8 pairs of walkers we met on a Monday walk in the Peak District were over 65!

Intergenerational Graffiti? Yes!

I had not realised though that its image has changed and today Graffiti is a recognised section of the Arts. New to me that there were competitions, exhibitions, different genres and world renowned valued artists whose work people would pay £5 to see! Turning up in here in Glasgow in their thousands over two days!

Curious about Dundee, Discovery and Death.

Due in hospital on Tuesday for major surgery. At 83, not without risk.  And I have a choice.  It is recommended, as necessary and wise, but not at this moment critical. Choices like that in your 84 th year are interesting. Different.  You know that Terry Pratchett’s marvellous Discworld character DEATH is lurking somewhere.  You probably wouldn’t…