Our Campaign: Negative to Positive. Pride in Ageing!

The campaign. was started because we, recognised that our society has a problem.
A negative view of old age, whether held by others, or by ourselves, is harmful. It affects our health, mental and physical, our social wellbeing, and the extent to which we enjoy life. It affects our employment opportunities. And certainly underlies many of the problems facing the NHS and Social Services.

Intergenerational Graffiti? Yes!

I had not realised though that its image has changed and today Graffiti is a recognised section of the Arts. New to me that there were competitions, exhibitions, different genres and world renowned valued artists whose work people would pay £5 to see! Turning up in here in Glasgow in their thousands over two days!

In your Middle Years? Even younger? This Report is for You. A Challenge about the Future. Yours!

(This blog was originally written as a guest blog for the Centre for Ageing Better. The Blog    The Future of Ageing? A Challenge for the Next Generation. about the Herald Scotland piece this week carries on the new theme) “The State of Ageing 2019 “ is this years report by the Centre for Ageing Better. No it…