Be Careful What You Wish For!

Known the story of King Midas for years. Granted his wish wasn’t he? That everything he touched would turn to gold…..It happened.  His bees and his favourite food all turned to gold as he touched them.  

Mythology from the past?

In November we downsized to this small but lovely flat.  I sat in my new recliner chair, looked at the sunny balcony with its superb view*


Behind me, a new flat screen TV for husband to watch sport all day.


Didnt remember Midas did I?  And what did I say? 

“Dont think I ever want to go out from here. Wish I could just sit, gaze at this view,  read all the books I never did, write blogs, and catch up on all the films I have missed. Perfect…..”

Yes.  Exactly what I wished for came to pass……


And so have many other peoples wishes!

Who wished we could get rid of air pollution outside schools. Lower CO2. Stop people from flying, use cars less. Walk more?

Did you wish for more Flexible working, the chance for more people to be able to work from home?

And in my world.  Been agonising for 3 years about how do we get older people using the internet? That one has has definitely happened! Older people are learning to use a tablet and smart phone. Families linking via FaceTime and Zoom. Older people getting on line for shopping and health. Community connections being set up.  85 year old friend joined our Zoom Book Group last night. Didn’t know it was this simple did we?

My grandson is a Physio like me. He works in a GP practice.We have talked for hours about how good it would be to have an initial consultation with Skype and phone to save people coming in when good advice on self care was what they needed. He told me 3 weeks ago that it had been a long term goal in their two year development plan. Now it has become the two day goal!

Hospital beds. How many times has there been a wish for more?  Magic! 4000 bed hospital in 9 days!

Venice was complaining about Cruise ships and tourist boats on its canals. Wished them away.  Done it. Gone!  Beautiful clear water and fish in the canals.


Cambridge fed up with Chinese tourists clogging streets wished they could be stopped.

Done! Hope they are pleased?

My neighbour even got her wish: that there was some way to stop kids repeatedly coming home from school with nits…

Even more ironic?  

How about our big campaigns to save the planet?


Maybe we should have a think about this? Perhaps the Planet has its own systems for saving itself?  

If it gets parasitised by creatures who pollute it, waste its resources, threaten its natural cycles, maybe it has its own way of sorting the problem?  Mother Nature being very firm?

A serious warning about who is actually in control of this place?

Stop it or else? 

Or is that just Mythology? 



PS The wish that hasn’t happened is that someone would teach us how to use a smart TV!  Couldn’t that be deemed essential too?

* That green below, was where the worlds first ever International football match was played. Scotland v England.  It is a venerated cricket ground now. The green keeper is mowing it lovingly every day. Enjoy watching him create his perfect stripes.


  1. jemima
    April 8, 2020 / 6:37 pm

    spot on gw. and as ever, you’ve been brave enough to say what no one else was. we’ve been abusing our planet for years, decades, perhaps centuries. unable to curb our detrimental behaviours.

    and yes, of course the planet has its own way of regulating animal numbers; otherwise we’d have been overrun by elephants. or ants.

    years of glut for one food type are followed by years of glut for the creature that thrives on it. then, whoopee, it’s time for the creature that thrives on that one. meanwhile the glut of that creature results in overeating of its food source, so whoops, population decline.

    so the big thing we have to hope is that before we “get back to normal”, as every keeps talking about, we realise how vitally important that the new normal can be far less harmful to our planet.

    which is the very reason that we “olds”, however people might think of us and like to dismiss us, must keep ourselves fit and healthy, so that we can take our part in the healing of our planet. to give our grandchildren the chance they deserve to live and enjoy and, with a little guidance, curb any desire for overindulgence.

    and thus i beg you all to take care of yourselves, to play your part in what’s going on now, so that you can take part in what’s needed next.

    take care and keep safe

  2. April 8, 2020 / 7:32 pm

    Two words are all I have about your wonderful post – SPOT ON! Thanks for sharing.

  3. eremophila
    April 8, 2020 / 9:30 pm

    Yes, it’s great, and I’d like to add another Ive been using more and more in recent years…….
    The emperor has no clothes on.
    Time to see what’s really happening, shades of Orwell 1984.

  4. jemima
    May 14, 2020 / 3:01 am

    hello everyone
    all you fellow age pride believers
    how is everyone doing?
    are we all keeping our resolve high?
    you in scotland, wales, and northern ireland are being kept a little safer
    we in england must make our own decisions about safety

    but how do people feel about the apparent determination to get everyone back to maximising pollutant-output?
    do we, here, collectively have ideas for how to persuade our governments to minimise the return to stupidity?

    i’d love to know how everyone’s feeling. can we share our thoughts, and our strength, to help each other get through this?

    i send my best wishes, and share my strength,

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