ReBranding Due? Old Age the NEW Model.

Old Age has changed.

We are into a never before seen version. The new long lasting one.

But it isnt selling!  If we look at old age as if it were a product, we  have a serious Marketing Problem!

The Old Age Brand is saddled with a historically bad press. It has acquired a reputation of having many faults, being dysfunctional and unreliable.

Seen as a version of life to be avoided

It has a very poor public image.9C78817C-CE48-4859-B152-990F0FF6A645

Existing Customers, although actually very happy with the new model, are being made to feel excluded, labelled and ashamed by virtue of owning it.

Potential new Customers are rejecting it in favour of  trying to retain and extend the life of their previously purchased product, Youth.    They are unaware of the advantages of changing up and are missing out on something of better long term value.

Business, Retail, and economic policies generally are failing to recognise the existence and advantages  of the NEW OLD AGE  model and are loosing out.

The likely demand for the product itself is growing dramatically as the population ages.





How about this for a potential new market?






How would a Marketing Agency go about improving the brand’s image and reach them?

What would they do if they were looking at the market for, say, a super new dishwasher,

How would they persuade people to buy in to the new model?

What kind of  ideas might they try to implant in the minds of potential an existing customers? You know! We have all been pulled in by them. Repeatedly.

Let’s try them on our product:

A New Version of Old Age. Out next week!

Old Age needs a Re Brand like this. And Our Campaign can do it.

Delighted to find that support is now  rolling in.

Enough to say:

                             Lets have a go.  

Here is a start for you: 

Managed to find some funds for a campaign leaflet.


Do please feel free to copy and circulate to everyone you can think of.

The next Age Pride Blog will you how we can really get going. 

PS We have no resources, no office, no staff. Just us who support the idea. And we aren’t fund raising. It will be a DIY PR campaign. Done by US.

And it will be Your Campaign, not mine. Only using my blog, tweet and pics etc to get it going for you.

To begin we will have to communicate via Twitter and the hashtags #AgePride and #NegativetoPositive

And temporarily, we can use the Ageism Category on my blog site  as a place to send out a Newsletter, ideas and quotable material for you to copy and circulate.  If you subscribe to the blog, you will get it automatically.





  1. Maureen Helen
    May 26, 2019 / 4:21 am

    Fabulous! Love the new campaign, Joyce. Count me in!

  2. jemima
    May 27, 2019 / 3:47 pm

    rebranding. sounds like a good idea. and fun. needs some thought.

    i think if we took our product to a marketing company, the first thing they’d ask us for is a “brief”. an explanation of “what the product does” and “the image we wish to portray”. so maybe we should start there.

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