The Future of Ageing? A Challenge for the Next Generation.


Easy blog this week.  It was written for me! I only had to do the interview.

Delighted that the Herald Scotland accepted it!  A 2 -5 page spread too. Sorry my pic has failed to eliminate the fold in the centre of the magazine. Don’t actually have twisted fingers….


The journalist Vicky Allan was great. She quickly grasped the real issue of ageism.

That we were talking about her generation’s future!

We soon agreed that the key topic we wanted to air was this:

“The 10-20 bonus years we worked to create for us all will be squandered if the next generations dont grasp the challenge of creating a new view of LaterYears”

So here is her piece

Click on link above or try

To sum it up:

If Obesity etc continues, our health gains will be lost.

If the political will to preserve and improve pensions financing isnt changed there will be generations back to old age poverty.

If business and employers continue to be ageist and fail to recognise the proven advantages of experience and know how that a mixed age work force provides , then the next generation will be out of work earlier than they intended.

You would not like living with the current stereotype of old age would you?  Make sure you change it and create a new image for later years..the real one! The real you 20 or 30 years on.

Over the past few decades  old age has been getting better and better. Longer, fitter, happier, socially contributory and just a lovely stage of life to reach. Serene and proud!

The bonus years we worked to create for us all will be squandered if  you, the next generations, dont pick up the fight. The Ageism Challenge is Your Future!

Make sure you enjoy it too!

Ps Kirsty the photographer and I had great fun with hats and colours.   That blazer is my vintage 1980’s M and S.  Amazed how good it looks. Something to do with classic oldies?

The painting is by my Hong Kong artist friend Brian Tilbrook.  To celebrate my love of the East.



  1. eremophila
    April 14, 2019 / 9:18 pm

    Glad to see you after the op, well done👍
    Loved the interview, and nodded all the way through.
    Even as a 65 young, I’m finding women in their 40’s who when they find out about my lifestyle, say it inspires them. Without even trying I’m changing their ageism views.

  2. jemima
    April 20, 2019 / 7:38 am

    so good to see you back “in the saddle” again gw, awakening people around you to the precious joys to be had.
    keep on keeping on!

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