Seniors need Sensuality, Satin and a Human Touch

Now why have I chosen that title?  

Definitely because I love the sound  of  the alliteration.  You can hear the silky slide of satin over soft skin…… etc..

(Also rather hoping it will signal the right Christmas present.  More on that and later.)

Yes, but the main reason was because I wanted to talk about touch and sensuality in later years.

Touch, human touch  is  important for all of us at any age.

Touch alters brain waves, soothes joints, settles stress. Hugs, strokes, pats and all the pleasures of sex keep us sensually satisfied.

And that doesn’t  change

just because you have got a bit worn.

The need for human touch is one of the untalked about topics around old age. Loneliness in the sense of companionship is open for discussion. But for people who are older and living alone, it is certainly not the only thing they miss.

Pets make a great substitute. Warm and huggable, lovely to stroke plus a caring relationship. Though maybe not snakes? But we need to be on the receiving end too.

How can we get stroked legitimately?

The phenomena of small local inexpensive hairdressers with their daily gaggle of old lady weekly regulars which existed for many years was described recently in a lovely blog

The majority could do their own hair on a weekly basis and really only need to come in occasionally for a trim, perm or colour. So why were  they there?  It was clearly a social occasion, a legitimate reason to dress up a bit and have a good hour of gossip and chat. 

However, there may be a further hypothesis. For someone elderly and widowed. An hour a week of another person giving them caring rubbing, combing, brushing may well be the only soft human touch in their lives. 

In our society, it is the only accepted way of receiving that kind of touching. Other cultures have accepted massage as a normal human need.  The Romans, certainly. And of  course Thailand. In India daughters and daughters in law frequently massage their elders legs or shoulders as a routine caring task.

We dont, but the lack of such contact is never discussed. But it is there. I suspect these old ladies found their own solution. Maybe today we get an hour of hand holding in a nail shop and a lovely foot massage with a pedicure?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we had a society where it was thought normal for older people to have a weekly spa massage?

 Have a look at my post on the perfect swimming pools for 80 yr olds!

Forget the beauty excuse, train masseurs to sooth aching joints and tight muscles and just gently stroke with scented oil.  Can I have one for Christmas?

Now we can get to that silky sensuous satin. 

It is the feel  isn’t? That smooth slide over your skin. Treat yourself to the pleasure. And if you have a partner, it is a mutual pleasure. Hands slip gratifyingly. caringly, over a satin covered body at any age. But oh so nice when your flesh isn’t quite what it was.  In fact, perfect for Senior romance.


It used to be my Christmas treat, a new elegant flowing satin nightdress. Maybe a velvet dressing gown too?


Marks of course.  But not now!  Everything is hygge fluffy. Where have they gone?  Fleecy jim jams are just not the same…

Let’s have a campaign!

Sensuality for Seniors.  

Might widen Christmas present choices and maybe we could get it into NHS Care plans?



  1. Lynne
    January 24, 2019 / 2:50 pm

    Saw you on This Morning, inspiring lady

  2. February 9, 2019 / 8:12 pm

    absolutely agree …my mother – in -law is 93 and regularly has full body massage as well as hairdressing appointments at our local hairdressers. It’s so restorative. She’s lively and makes them laugh. She has vouchers for the massages etc for birthdays and Christmas presents.

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