Reaching 83? Lifestyle Plan B!

Things are beginning to slide. No point in a problem list, but certainly time for a future plan.  And no, not advice on Home  Adaptations, Diet  or Investments. Far more important:

A plan for happiness.

Absolute Need: Ensure Curiosity has daily food for thought.

Must Have: Love, Fun and People

Important: Keep body happy, stay as fit and independent as possible.

Hope you approve of the priorities here!

However, need to admit immediately, I also have a role model in mind who doesn’t fit this plan. And I rather like hers.   Let me introduce my Grandmother in law, Nan, overweight, dodgy knees, who spent her last 10 years, to 88,  in a very comfortable armchair in the Family kitchen (bottle of gin tucked behind her cushion) chuckling and laughing her way through wise advice and family tales with a steady stream of visitors.  Here she is, in a very happy haze…..

8696FEBA-E536-4647-9DDD-41AFAD95B316      She was a true Cockney, so her tales often involved the escape of live eels.  And the songs!Not sure I have the same repertoire of stories. But my plan definitely includes hours on a soft sofa with a fake fur throw.. Maybe plus a Prosecco? And of course the afternoon nap…zzz  However intend to make  sure I have a softer pillow than this!


Saw it in NewGuinea last year.  ‘Rest your head on a defeated enemies skull! ‘Rather an interesting idea in someways…. equivalent to the  “memento mori” carried in front of proud Roman Emperors. … ‘Remember you too  you must die.’ So ensure you enjoy a good life today?

Keeping body happy.

Seriously, I am not worried about the body stuff, except for total concentration on comfort and ease. Beginning to think that by 83 bodies need cherishing not bullying.

Will of course continue the daily joint stretch, muscle contraction routine. But maybe now done in an armchair with an exercise band? And definitely dance of some kind. Maybe to Glen Miller with candles and a cocktail? Albeit hanging on to the sideboard or the toy boy.The ease bit?   Keep up the Iprobrufen …and Whisky chaser? Yes I know…but my plan has me in charge!

Social life and fun.

The car may have to go, so be prepared.

Explore every possible transport system: Scottish bus pass covers the whole country! Community Wheels, taxis, mobility scooter with go faster stripes? Handsome student chauffeur? But get out.

Contact Theatres, Cinemas, Supermarkets, Trainlines, Swimming Pools,Restaurants and EXPECT them to have Age Friendly everything!

Invite people in for fun: a sing along 50s night, cuppa and crochet, knit and natter, pizza and poor poetry….why not? A good laugh, raise money?

Volunteer: maybe  like my friends, offer a bed to a refugee, or a cheerful student?

Get the adrenaline up! Join a campaign, start a campaign. Take up Bingo?

Actually I probably won’t do too many of these. I am very happy reading all the books I never got around to, and exploring the internet. Love having international contacts. Great to play on line games with friends. And absolutely love Blogging and Twitter exchanges with the world.

Which leads me to Curiosity.

Could anything better than Google have been invented for those with incessant Curiosity?  Love being able to ask questions and follow threads.

In all seriousness, all older people should be on line, Skyping friends and family, Blogging, gaming, puzzles:a whole world of fun and contact out there. Many older people, me too, are into family history, addicted plus…..Relieved to find ancestors also naughty!

The travel urge has to be fed too. But how? Cruising isn’t my thing…. a prison ship with enforced jollity? And too many tour group leaders forget we all have hearing aids and then expect you to stand around whilst they talk. Buy a folding seat stick? Make “Cant hear you” flags for the group?

Maybe a cottage with friends or family near a good vineyard? And a handsome local driver?

We haven’t talked about love have we?

So many forms of it!  Increasingly I find a warm glow of love drifting over me about everything, and particularly when I see small children. So new to the world, so curious and interested. I feel in tune. Perhaps the beginning and end of life naturally meet in that way? (See the Channel 4 Film On kids in a residential home? )

Then we get to touch, sex even? By all means, any means. Lucky to still have a partner. Great, but if the luck doesn’t hold will treat myself to a massage, buy a hand held massager and use it, go for a foot spa….have a session in a massage chair. Regular hair appointments and lurid nails of course. Lovely.



And if the get up and go is fading? Enjoy the serenity and tranquility of being ancient.  Be my own version of Nan.

Doze with pleasure….zzzz      Dream about memories.

Move on to Brandy?








  1. Patricia
    March 24, 2018 / 8:39 am

    I like your plan! Very similar to my own but ine includes yoga and meditation as well, as many of the things you mention.

  2. March 24, 2018 / 9:56 am

    Love your plan and thanks for spelling it out so clearly. We still swim a kilometre three times a week because it is such good exercise and it feels good with a pool nearby. Love having greatgrandies to play with and for sleepovers. We use public transport more than we used to. And I also love the internet and blogging.

  3. March 24, 2018 / 10:31 am

    Pizza, poetry, massage and yes, sex too when I can get it. All on my ‘to do’ list.

  4. March 26, 2018 / 10:39 pm

    That’s the spirit! You have a fantastic attitude, and we all admire you. I like the way you always include working on your health and fitness. Because that is, after all, the key to longevity!

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