Magic Walk No.12: Small Loch Leads to Reflections…on Resurrection!

The three of us, The Knees, Curiosity and me  all needed to get out.  Where?  

Ah, a small Loch, a suburban Nature Reserve, North of Glasgow

Ideal.  Flat for the Knees, ‘never been there’ for Curiosity, fresh air and sun for me and the camera.

The Loch has a small island in the middle, with swans. A woodland path wanders around the edge and peering through the trees are the houses of a rather des res suburb.

It is of course perfect for dog walkers, toddlers and ancient wanderers,

But got into conversation with one, an old gentleman who remembered it being ideal for older children too.  He looked sadly at this sign.


“We always fished here as boys.  It was where we played and had adventures  Then, we walked to it, across  fields.”

We discussed fishing.  Theirs was the delightfully dirty and exciting jam jar, net and chase the tiddlers type. Is that allowed now?

Nature reserves? Yes!  But maybe we should have Natural Kids Reserves too? 

At least  there was no notice banning tree climbing. This one looked perfect…


Some excitement is allowed!  A few tiny streams make it into the Loch. Over one someone had created a little plank bridge and one happy toddler was loving balancing precariously across. We thought The Knees ought to be doing that too.

When do you grow out of it!

But Curiosity and I became entranced by reflections and by that vivid blue celebration balloon, resting in a different world.


Two kinds of reflections really.  Began to get more philosophical: thinking about the perpetual cycles of life and death…the regeneration, the recycling, the future world for us.

It started  with trees.

Look at this first one….blown over, but refusing to die! New shoots energetically emerging from old roots. The woods were full of them!

And this one: dead, yes, but full of new life! Beautiful moss, exquisitely patterned fungi even grasses, all making splendid use of the nutrients in a still useful tree.

And humans had had creative moments.  Recycling a dead tree into fun sculptures.

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Suspect the toddlers love being scared of the fox and frightened for the rabbit…me too.  Am still six really…

And being also 80+ am rather liking the idea of  the perpetual recycling of my atoms!

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