Sex Toys For 70 and 80 yr Olds? Yes!

Poundland launched their Nooky sex toy range

in time for Older People’s Day.


Yes, I know the day is to celebrate the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society, but it is also about tackling negative attitudes and outdated stereotypes. And the area of sex and sex toys for over 70s is one of them.

As Judy Dench discovered, that people have sex lives at 80 is a surprise to younger people. We don’t usually talk about it. That we might enjoy sex toys will probably also produce embarassed giggles.

It certainly does when you, with your wrinkles and grey hair, walk into one of those lurid side street  sex stores. The sight of you examining a fluorescent pink vibrator and rejecting it on grounds of taste..colour, not flavour… is too much for the assistants. Which is a pity.

Sex toys are great for older people. Sex in your later years is very sensual, much less acrobatics and thrust stuff. We have time, lots of time, to caress, stroke and give each other pleasure. And it is very nice to have something to add to that recipe.

Sounds like a cookery class, but  absolutely the most important ingredient is oil, massage oil. Haven’t explored the Nooky  range yet, but do hope there is now a pleasantly scented slippery slithery oil for a £1. Wonderful to use on older skin. And is there anything nicer than mutual massage as foreplay?

Perfect example of the current view of old age and sex.: Google images for massage  doesnt have a single one of older people enjoying it!

Then sex toys themselves: most are a variation on a vibrator. However, many items in sex shops do tend to be rather phallus orientated, back to the thrust stuff.

Whereas what is a delight for older people is something like this:


A three pad hand held vibrator with gorgeous blue lights. Which make it even more fun.

It isn’t called a sex toy, but I assure you it is superb. It is sold as a massager and you can buy it in many places . No need to brave sex stores or mail order catalogues.

It has the same kind of mechanism as other vibrators, but with its three little contact points it provides multiple stimulation wherever you fancy it. It works perfectly well as a normal massager when you have a stiff neck or  back too.

But its great advantage is that it is pleasurable for both men and women.

When we were discussing Sex at 60+ on the Emma Barnett show recently, we didnt get around to sex toys. We should have. They matter. So I was pleased to hear a later contributor talking about them. She runs an online mail order site for sex toys, including things like penis rings. But what was good to hear was that she has significant orders from old peoples homes. Good for those homes, they understand that people have normal human sensual needs at all ages.

It was especially interesting to find that her site had a discussion forum where older people could exchange information or ask about problems. It seemed to be working very well and lovely to see that there was nothing remotely sordid. Everything was in friendly helpful mode.

But why did I have to find it accidentally? I suspect many people in their later years would welcome the chance to think through more openly how their sensual needs can be met as they age. We shouldnt have to go to a sex toy site to do it.

With any luck the Poundland initiative may produce exactly that kind of openness. You can imagine buying something there, whereas most older people would not feel comfortable in the standard sex shop.

It could certainly answer the Christmas Present problem for some couples.  A giggle and a fun afternoon for a £1!



  1. Midlife Smarts
    September 29, 2017 / 8:23 am

    Well said Joyce!! x

  2. October 20, 2017 / 10:40 pm

    Oh not me, no sex please I’m British. As for google images and all the other online photo sites, they don’t do real old people at all, let alone massaged old people. We only see young old people, purchasing insurance.

  3. E
    February 27, 2022 / 5:24 am

    why get insurance,,your only having sex,,I presume your not older,,I`m m73,,,My GF is 72,,she likes to use dildo`s in one place,,and me in the other place,,and give each other body rubs,,it gets us in the right mood,,creates excitement and passion at the same time,,

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