Stereotyping of Oldies? Stupid!

Stereotyping of Oldies?

Three stories: Lily, Pam andElizabeth.

Because  these are real people and their stories are true I am unable to illustrate this with actual pictures.However the ones I have chosen are as near as I can get.

Lily’s story.

Lily was 71, a slight silver haired lady.  She slipped on her drive and broke her ankle. Shocked and shaken she was taken to the local hospital.   They saw this white faced thin anxious old lady and looked after her beautifully. X Ray plaster, soothing cuppa etc.  Because she lived alone she had a bed for the night. Next morning the Registrar arrived to check the plaster.   Lily looked even more anxious and distressed.  “When will I be able to walk again?”  was her only concern.

The Doctor was very reassuring.  ” Don’t worry,” he said, “you will be able to toddle around the supermarket in about…

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