Unthinking Ageism? Bathroom Design.

Unthinking Ageism in bathroom design.

 Growing older usually means downsizing. The time when our possessions were never so dear as the day we have to take them to Oxfam. Attics, cupboards and box after box reveal beloved items, not seen for years, which cannot possibly be discarded. My Girl Guide uniform with all its badges, his plans for the best dam never built?

Our house proves to have become be the museum of our life! How can we throw out our life?

Whilst suffering these agonies we are totally distracted by trying to find another place called home. It will have large light airy rooms and lots of storage. Except, that it won’t. The rooms will turn out to be nothing like the show apartment. They will be ludicrously small and the storage suitable either for a vacuum cleaner and one suitcase, or his golf clubs, but not all..

Among all this you will be asked to choose bathroom tiles and flooring. The modern elegant bathroom of the show flat looks super. Much better than the avocado one you have hated for years, but never changed, because you might be moving….. So you accept it. Don’t!

Unwitting ageism rules in bathroom design!

Here are the things you must jump up and down about:


The Bath:  This one is in a newly refurbished ground floor flat, perfect for Downsizers.

Very elegant, latest design, the best porcelain etc, but exactly how are you to get in and, more of a problem when you begin to creak, how do you get out?  Nothing safe to pull on in sight!


Do they expect you to fix a hospital type grab rail to the tiles? Or to buy a blow up bath seat?. Yuck.

Make a fuss.
Insist on an elegant bath with built in or subtle hand rails. One not too deep to climb into and out of, wide enough to turn over in if need be. Nothing worse than feeling like a beached whale. And certainly with a non slip bottom. Test the sides too. Wet hands slip as I discovered.

The Shower

You may well be offered one over the bath or perhaps a wet room. Either will probably have the latest high powered rain shower, a large central disc. Fine, if they have thought where to put the controls. But typically you have to stand under it to reach them, alternately freezing and in danger of scalds. So easy to start sliding and falling as you try to get out from under.
No. Shower controls whether in a wet room or over a bath must be reachable from outside and the lettering clear enough to use without steamed up glasses. Look at this one! There are instructions there somewhere


Floors and shower trays must be nonslip
And I mean really non slip.

Look what happens when they are not!  Wham!image
No, no damage except to ego. But so scary.

imageFind floor tiles whichave a strong texture. Like this.

Not like this shower base which is pretending to be nonslip.image

Look at the shine! Makes me shiver with apprehension……

Toilets of course need a blog of their own!  You might enjoy this blog on that subject?



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